The piano man, Colin Huggins, in Washington Square Park.

NYC busker

A good way to start the week is to listening to Colin Huggins.

Colin's one of my all time favorite buskers in NYC. Whenever I go to Washington Square Park I hope he’s there. And when he is, it feels like home.

There’s something surreal and magical about the experience he creates.

These days, in the midst of Covid19, Colin is playing music live on his Instagram account. For upcoming shows, check out:

Colin deserves to stay in NYC. NYC wouldn’t be the same without him.

If you like his music and if you can spare a few bucks, consider donating to Colin’s Venmo (@everythingwillbeok), PayPal and Zelle (

Also, if you’re wondering, “How in the world does he get his piano to the park?” WATCH:

The real glamorous part of my day. Video credit @jabegacobs
September 5, 2018

With Love, Us

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